Indicative apartment in the RC Lystopad


Buying a non-existent apartment is always a dream and a visualization of the picture. And, you agree, it’s insulting, if in the end you do not get what you’ve been waiting for so long. In order to avoid such a situation and give a chance to see what can be a treasured home, modern developers have borrowed western practices – demonstration platforms or so-called display apartments (showrooms).

In the city of Frankivsk, the construction company Vertikal, which equipped housing in Lystopad as early as the twelfth floor, became the innovator in the implementation of such an indicative apartment.

When buying an apartment in a new building, the issue of quality is very important, because buying a home is a serious expense. One can only glad that the real estate market is increasingly coming into close interaction with the investor, and buying an apartment in a new building turns into an interesting event.

The usefulness of the showroom is quite understandable: almost every buyer wants to look at the analogue of his future housing in order to have an idea of ​​its dimensions, consider furniture placement options, redevelopment options, and other characteristics of using the interior space of the home. Preferably, visualization on the Internet and brochures do not give a complete picture of the home, and in the showroom the buyer can assess the quality of repairs, get ideas for the interior, see the space in real volume.

In the Lystopad, the developer created an exemplary apartment in the style of modern minimalism. Used elements in the interior work to expand the space to maximally beat the strengths of the planning, and natural materials make the home beautiful, stylish and comfortable.

“As a rule, a person buys a new building at the initial stage of construction, when the fact of his apartment is not yet, so the opportunity to imagine what it will be when the construction is completed, helps the client to make the right choice”, – emphasizes the head of marketing department Olena Khapalova.

After visiting a demonstration apartment, the buyer understands how comfortably he will be living in such a building in the future. In such an apartment, the buyer can in practice evaluate the good sound insulation of installed double-glazed windows, the advantages of high ceilings and other characteristics that look abstract in presentation materials.