Independent one-room

Apartments area: from 47 m²


copper cable, Eaton brand automation


turbo boiler and heating on a turn-key basis


fire-proof, heat-insulating, noise-proofing


French made of stainless steel

Video door phone:

quality German production


high-speed elevator for 1,000 kg and 13 people


metal-plastic with a 6-cell profile


weight - 142 kg, thickness of the door box 12.5 cm


In your new apartment live on a positive. New housing – like a white canvas, clean and ready to accept any ideas. These walls will withstand any designs and will gladly accept them. Make works, equip your home as you like!

Do you want an apartment without doors – please, you want to put a bicycle right in the living room – why not? This is your home, and you have to be comfortable with it. So the standards – they are conditional, this is your new apartment and it is already waiting for you. RC Lystopad.

To ensure that even in the coldest winter your car starts from the first time, we have provided a secure underground parking for residents of RC Lystopad.

The spacious barns are located directly under the house
You can buy them from our managers as a good addition to the apartment

Underground parking
Underground parking
From 18-25 m²
Spacious pantry
Spacious pantry
From 3,5-7 m²

Which one will you choose for yourself?


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