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Apartments of premium class

Buy apartments in the residential complex LYSTOPAD —best investment in the future

The first disc. First love. The first steps of the child

These memories are similar to the small diamonds that were searched in memory in direct time. Each of them is special, and for someone – the whole world.

All of them are an integral part of a single whole – human life. They are not confused with anything. Each of them we can wear in memory separately as a ring of diamonds in, or together as a necklace.

Such memories are most valuable to us. Buying an apartment in our hometown – in Ivano-Frankivsk, we add another diamond to the necklace of our lives.

10 minutes to the center

10 minutes to the center

Green area and playground

Green area and playground

Near the river Bystrica

Near the river Bystrica

A successful investment

A successful investment


5 m² as a gift when buying an apartment

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CONTRACTING THE FIRST TILE OF BUILDINGS — we begin to cut the future diamond

We are starting to create a form that will become your Home with a capital letter, special and unique.

Each next step, each floor and wall, forms the space by the hand of an architect, engineer, and builder.

The perfection of space appears when a person opens the door to his new apartment, touches the walls, without wallpaper, put his hand to the door or window and imagine a happy future.

Which one will you choose for yourself?


Ahead of schedule

Dynamics of construction


On the corner of the Nezalezhnosti-Ivasyuka-Ugornitska streets

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